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Strathcona County Taxpayers Association

A Citizen’s Advocacy Group Dedicated to Lower Taxes, Less Waste, and an Accountable and Transparent Municipal Government.

Council Wage Issue Should Not Be Dismissed

Strathcona County Council remuneration is not a trivial issue that should be taken lightly. The Strathcona County Taxpayers Association believes all sides of the issue should be placed before residents of Strathcona County. Strathcona County is the sixth largest...
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School Tax Debate Needed

Quality education in Alberta is everyone’s responsibility and should be funded only through income tax. It is time to eliminate the education tax from residential and commercial properties. In Alberta 69% of education funding comes from general revenue and 31% comes...
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Say No To Electric Busses

It appears as if another municipality has something we do not. The debate on electric busses in Strathcona County has begun. The Strathcona County Taxpayers Association would like Strathcona County Council to end this debate before it costs any money. Remember the...
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Heating Plant Failures

The Strathcona County Taxpayers Association would like to bring attention to yet another infrastructure project that experienced large cost overruns and still experiences an operating deficit. Across from County Hall is a biomass heating system that was designed to...
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More Surpluses That Belong to Taxpayers

Another year, another surplus. Strathcona County’s local government has realized a 2016 operating surplus of $19.3 million as well as a utilities surplus of $2.3 million. This means Strathcona County took over $21 million more in property taxes than it needed. These...
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Alberta Advantage Gone?

The Alberta NDP Government released the provincial budget last week and the news is not positive for those who think it is important to maintain an Alberta Advantage. This year’s budget deficit is projected to be over $10 billion. In a few years Alberta’s debt will...
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Mayor’s Frozen Wage Increases Along With Council Wages

Strathcona County County’s Mayor and Council have done very well for themselves when it comes to remuneration over the last few years. The Strathcona County Taxpayers Association has finally obtained documentation showing exactly what the value of these raises has...
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Informed Choices in The Municipal Election

2017 is the first year a municipal election candidate must fill out a registration form declaring his or her intention of running for elected office in October’s upcoming municipal election. This information is available on Strathcona County’s main website and will...
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